Michael Edward Chinn

32 Phoenix Ave
Newark, DE 19702
1 (609) 736-0414

Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience. Quick to adapt to new challenges and learn new technical skills as needed. Work produced with a high attention to detail and always trying to do the right thing. Always willing to assist surrounding coworkers through problems and brainstorm ideas. Continuing to develop interpersonal and leadership skills as early career progresses and new opportunities arrive.


JPMorgan Chase & Co. Associate DevOps Engineer, July 2014 – Present

  • Primarily worked on large scale orchestration of backups and disaster recovery solution for our Teradata Data Warehouse.
  • Created common libraries for our team to use for consistent access to our password vault and automated alert ticketing.
  • Created various small automation scripts for maintenance or data extract, transforming, and loading (ETL).
  • Lead a project adding simplicity for users submitting metadata about objects to be backed up and copied to the DR system.
  • Started the team’s agile workflow process and educated support teams how to engage us with new ideas and bug reports.
  • Currently working on an individual project to meet audit requirements keeping inventory of linux users across 100+ servers without modifying SUSE’s default Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM).
  • Throughout position involved in all phases of project life cycles: Design, Build, Test, Implementation, Support, and Maintenance.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Technology Program Analyst, July 2012 – July 2014

1st Rotation: J2EE Application Developer

  • Worked on an external facing Point of Sales system for Rural Housing Mortgage Banking built primarily in J2EE built on Spring MVC, Javascript, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Rewrote tools from C# to Java to align with the team’s expertise.
  • Designed framework for batch process to use to execute certain commands based on xml configuration files.

2nd Rotation: Service Delivery

  • Contributed information for the monthly presentations to the CIO of Mortgage Banking.
  • Worked with Application Development and Infrastructure teams to keep our production systems working and fix any issues as they occurred.
  • Approved Change Requests; validating that their implementation plans were well thought out and all information in them were correct.

3rd Rotation: Teradata Database Administrator

  • Tasked with rewriting our backup management software around Teradata Tiered Archive/Restore Architecture (TARA). Took the various slightly different scripts that were used to run backups and consolidated them all into a single application with arguments to run the desired backup with more robust logging.
  • Migrated backup schedule from crontab to Control-M as mandated by the firm.
  • Setup weekly full backups and restores from our production to our disaster recovery environments as a temporary solution until our final solution using Data Mover was complete.
  • Coordinated backups and Data Mover not conflicting with one another.

SevOne, Inc. Internship program, May 2011 – August 2011, January 2012 – February 2012

  • Part of the maintenance team, helped fix primarily Javascript and PHP defects in the current releases of their Network Management System.
  • Defects ranged in severity between fixing a superficial wording mistake within the application to creating a hot patch for an issue affecting a customer’s production system.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Delaware in 2012. Overall GPA: 3.1, Computer Science GPA: 3.4.


  • Programming Languages: Java, Perl, Javascript, Python, C#, C++, PHP
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, AngularJS, node.js
  • Teradata: SQL, BTEQ, FASTLOAD, Tiered Archive/Restore Architecture (TARA), Data Mover, Viewpoint
  • Source Control: git, mercurial (hg), svn
  • Team Collaboration: Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket Server, Microsoft SharePoint
  • Data Structures: JSON, XML, YAML
  • Android, Linux, Proxmox, Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM), Linux Containers (LXC), Docker
  • nginx, apache, tomcat, ssh


FIRST Robotics Competition Mentor, 2009-2015

  • Taught students on the team how to wire the required components and program the drive and autonomous code for the robot.
  • Guided students as needed on how to troubleshoot problems with electrical components and software bugs in tense environments where they were working against the clock during competition.
  • Gave advice to students when asked about planning college and their careers.

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